Rethink the drivers of
population health & wellbeing

Look beyond clinical interventions to a health system that integrates social,
economic and health data for evidence-based insights to maximize impact.

Introducing BroadReach Analytics

The BroadReach Analytics platform brings together comprehensive data sets, advanced analytics and social collaboration tools with deep expertise in health care solutions for underserved populations.

We empower leaders in government, donor organizations and private sector companies with a 360-degree view of the factors that create systemic change and guide successful market entry.

Introducing BroadReach Analytics

Our mission—a measurable return on your investment in population health & wellness.

Command Centre

Powerful health informatics in a cloud-based platform to make sense of big data

Command Centre Command Centre

Knowledge Base

A definitive source for market & industry intelligence, by disease, to set strategy and focus investment

Knowledge Base Knowledge Base

Data Labs

State-of-the-art workspaces for team collaboration, planning and training

Data Labs Data Labs

What are your priorities?

Engage with us in a data-driven process to identify risks and opportunities, configure a plan, take action and track results.

  • Recent Initiatives:
  • Map evolving population, disease & health dynamics
  • Identify health system improvements, growth & investment opportunities
  • Benchmark programmes & country performance
  • Forecast the impact of policy decisions
  • Follow patient outcomes & model behaviours
  • Develop cost scenarios to plan budget requirements
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Dr. Ernest Darkoh, Dr. John Sargent

Dr. Ernest Darkoh, Dr. John Sargent

Founding Partners, BroadReach Healthcare


Schwab Foundation
Social Entrepreneurs of the Year

How Are We Trying to Influence Broader Systemic Change?

“Large-scale ‘better health’ as an outcome is a team effort across many functions, sectors, and
role players—the owners of all the ‘systemic dots’ that need to be effectively linked together.”

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